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Top 10 Tips for a Safe and Secure Password

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In the digital times today, it's essential that you have a strong password wherever you signup on the internet. A password is the key to your online indentity, and it's crucial that no one else can crack it or guess it.

In this guide, I will share 10 tips to have a strong and secure password to fortify your online indentity.

Length Equals Strengths

You can think of your password as a fence protecting your data from outside threats. The lengthier it is, the more difficult it is for intruders to climb over and get illegal access. Aim for atleast 12 to 15 characters in your password, and make sure to have a mix of everything from uppercase & lowercase alphabets to numbers to symbols.

Variety is the Spice of Life (and Passwords)

Just like how a diverse ecosystem is more resilient and prone to failures, a password with mix of characters (letters, numbers, symbols) is harder to crack. Including mix of characters in your password will make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your account. If a regular password is a simple padlock, including mix of characters turns it into a high-security vault.

You can also use password generators to generate passwords with variety of characters in it : MathExact Password Generator

Personal Information: A Hacker’s Wet Dream

Avoid the obvious details in your password, i.e. names, anniversaries, pet names, etc. Hackers often start here. They collect personal details like these about you, and then try combinations of them as your password. You should try avoiding this always.

It's like leaving your key under the mat; everyone, let alone a thief knows to look there.

One Lock, One Key

Using the same password everywhere is like having one key for every lock – house, car, office. If hacker gains access to one key, then house, car, office - all of them are compromised, all are at risk. Make sure to use different passwords to minimize the risk in event of a breach.

A Tale in Your Password

Think of your password like a short story that only you know, for example “TheSunSets@8pmInParis” is both a phrase that you know and a complex password to crack.

Outsmart the Dictionary Attack

Hackers use dictionary attacks, trying every word that exists in dictionary and checking it against your password. Make it difficult for them by altering words, instead of "Photography" use "Ph0t0graphy".

The only constant in life is Change

Update your password regularly, it's a hassle for sure but it's essential to have a safe and secure password. We recommend setting a day every 3 month to update passwords across your important websites.

Two Is Better Than One

Two-factor authentication is your digital doorkeeper. It adds an extra layer of security check to your account, making it even more difficult for hackers to gain access. Even if your password gets compromised, hacker cannot gain access to your account without your two factor authentication code.

The Digital Vault: Password Managers

Keeping track of different passwords on different websites is hard for sure. To manage without hassle, we recommend using password managers. Password managers generally help you generate a strong password + store all your passwords safely.

We recommend the following :

  1. NordPass
  2. OnePass

The Art of Avoiding Traps: Phishing Scams

Be as cautious with your password as you would with your signature. Don’t let phishing scams trick you into giving it away. Be cautious and alert everytime you log in on any website.


In today's digital world, your password is the key to your digital identity. By following the tips we shared in this post, you will create a strong defense against the always-evolving threats of the online world. Stay safe, stay secure and keep learning.