Content Protection Policy

At MathExact, we highly value and respect intellectual property rights and expect our users to do the same. We do not condone any activities that infringe upon copyright laws. MathExact prohibits the conversion and download of copyrighted content through its platform and promptly takes action to suspend any such content upon notification.

Copyright Protection Measures:
MathExact is diligently maintained to prevent the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials. We actively monitor and disable the conversion of potentially copyrighted materials to mitigate any possibility of copyright infringement on our platform.

Content Protection/Disable Requests:
If you are a content creator, copyright owner, or authorized agent and wish to prevent the use of MathExact's platform to convert your publicly available content(s), please submit a request via email to our administration team at hello[at] Your request should include:

  • URL(s) of the content(s) you want us to block: Provide the specific URLs of the content hosted on MathExact that you wish to have blocked.
  • Proof of Ownership: Include electronic or physical evidence demonstrating that you hold the rights to the content(s) in question.
  • Contact Information: Please provide contact details, including your address, telephone number, and a valid email address, to facilitate communication regarding your request.
  • Compliance and Response:
    Upon receiving a valid request, MathExact will promptly blacklist the specified content(s) from our system to prevent further access and usage. We are committed to upholding copyright laws and protecting the rights of content creators and owners.

    Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a platform that respects intellectual property rights.