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Count words, characters, spaces and new lines in your text online with our free tool.

Characters including spaces.
Characters without spaces.
Total Words
Total Whitespaces
Total new lines

Welcome to our advanced text analysis tool! This web page offers a comprehensive solution for analyzing and counting various elements of your text. With our tool, you can easily calculate the following statistics for your text:

What does our tool calculates ?

  1. Characters including spaces: This will give you the total number of characters in your text, including spaces.
  2. Characters without spaces: This will give you the total number of characters in your text, without counting any spaces.
  3. Total Words: This will give you the total number of words in your text.
  4. Total Whitespaces: This will give you the total number of whitespaces in your text, including spaces, tabs, and line breaks.
  5. Total new lines: This will give you the total number of new lines in your text.

We love solving problems!

Our tool is perfect for writers, editors, and anyone who needs to quickly analyze the structure of their written work. It's also useful for SEO and ad campaign management, as it helps you to stay within character limits for headlines, meta tags, and ad copy. Try it now and see for yourself how convenient and powerful it is!

Frequently Asked questions

How do I use this tool?

Simply copy and paste your text into the provided text box and our tool will instantly give you a word count and character count. You can also calculate total whitespaces and new lines.

Does this tool count characters with spaces or without spaces?

The tool counts characters with spaces and characters without spaces separately, so you can see both counts.

How accurate is the word count?

The word count is highly accurate, as it uses standard word delimiters (such as spaces, tabs, and line breaks) to determine the number of words in your text.

Can I use this tool for multiple languages?

Yes, our tool can handle multiple languages and will accurately count words and characters for any language.

Can I use this tool for PDF or Microsoft Word files?

No, this tool only works for plain text. You can copy the text from PDF or word file and paste it in the provided text box.

Is this tool free to use?

Yes, this tool is completely free to use and does not require any registration or sign-up.

How often can I use this tool?

You can use this tool as many times as you like, there is no limit on the number of uses.