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How to Monetize your SlideShare Content - an Expert's guide

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What exactly is Slideshare ?

SlideShare is a platform for hosting and sharing your presentations with the world. It offers immense opportunity to showcase your content to the academic-world. Slideshare doesn't support a built-in monetization feature for creators, however using strategic approaches you can turn your slideshare PPTs into money-minting assets. Let's explore few options in this blog post.

Option 1 : Building an Email List

Assume you produce content specific to a niche, organizing niche-specific audience to something as similar to an email list is very useful. Having a niche-specific audience can be used later on to provide more related content directly through your own email channel. You can build mailing lists, news letters etc on top of it and can promote sponsored content or crowd-fund your work. This not only helps with your lead-generation but also provides you a solid channel to promote related products and services in future.

Option 2 : Affiliate Marketing

You can write on topics that might involve in further purchases of some third party software tool, services or other goods. You can then embedd affiliate links for these products. If your slideshare presentation is viewed by lots of people, and even if a small share of those users buy those goods through your affiliate links, you will get a good commission out of it.

Option 3 : Producing Slides for Others

If you are good at presenting, and presentation design skills you can offer your presentation design services as a freelance skill. You can promote yourself for freelance content writing, presentation design, oratory skills, storytelling skills etc on your slides. Showcasing your expertise via your slideshare PPTs and including call-to-action banners for your services will expose you to potential clients, opening up an opportunity to monetize your skill.

Option 4 : Using SlideShare to attract leads

You can write in-depth and specialized content on specific services like software development, content writing, digital marketing, counseling, consultancy etc. You can easily incorporate CTAs with pre-filled forms linking either to your LinkedIN profiles or to your website. Using your profiles you can capture potential business opportunties, which can further directly benefit you or it may earn you money by delegating or sharing the lead with someone else.


SlideShare does presents loads of opportunities to monetize your content. In this blog post we explored few of the most effective approaches to monetize your content on SlideShare. While we discussed few opportunities, it is always wise to keep looking for more clever approaches to gather an audience, and then monetize either your or someone else's services to them. Start implementing these easy tactics today, and make money-minting assets. Cheers!