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Top 5 Slideshare Alternatives in 2024

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As we keep discussing in our blog posts, presentations are no longer limited to conference rooms. And with the shift to a more digital working environment, platforms like Slideshare play a crucial role on how we showcase and share our expertise and knowledge via presentations.

Why look for Slideshare Alternatives?

While Slideshare is without a doubt the most used presentation-sharing platform out there, it might not have all the features for you. Some of the features that we see lacking in Slideshare are :

  1. Limited Presentation Experience: Slideshare offers more of a static presentation experience, without any animations and other features that a full-fledged PPT software like Google Sheets or Microsoft PowerPoint provides you with.
  2. Lack of Sharing Controls: Slideshare does not allow your users or viewers to download the presentation.
  3. Monetization Problems: If you are a content creator, and you provide your expertise as slides then Slideshare offers no options for creators like you to monetize your content. Instead, you have to resort to other ways like affiliate marketing, etc. Learn more about how to monetize your slideshare content here.

In this blog post, we will present you with 5 Slideshare alternatives that you can try to share, and collaborate your presentations with your audience in 2024. We’ll discuss the advantages of these Slideshare alternatives and their unique offerings.

Top 5 Slideshare Alternatives to Look for in 2024


Prezi is a revolutionary presentation creation and sharing platform. Prezi lets you create dynamic and animated presentations, it supports lots of animations by default. Prezi allows you to host unlimited presentations without any cost. It also has a paid plan to allow collaboration features, increased presentation size, and more.

Canva Presentations

You might’ve already heard of Canva because of its solid design platform. Canva also offers a similar platform to make presentations, with default support of the vast library of images, clip arts, designs, templates, and all the other awesome features that Canva supports out of the box.

It has a free plan that gives you basic features, with a paid feature you can unlock more images, templates, and designs for your compelling presentations.


Issuu is another emerging platform for sharing your presentations online. Issuu allows you to upload your PDF presentations, and showcase them as Embeddable flipbooks, Social posts, and Email graphics. Issuu boasts of a solid presentation editor and collaboration platform.

Another point that might interest you is the monetization feature with Issuu. While Slideshare, Prezi, and Canva lack this, Issuu allows you to digitally sell access to your presentations. It allows you to create member-only content, monetize special paid-edition of your content, etc.


Visme is one of the best presentation design platforms out there, it has a huge user base of 28.6+ million users and allows you to create compelling presentations with AI.

Visme offers a huge library of Templates, Charts, Images, and other info graphics. It has a solid editing, and collaboration platform along with an analytics tool for your presentations. You can see in real-time how many users are checking out your presentations.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is another presentation platform, part of the awesome Zoho Workplace. It allows you to collaborate, share and present your presentations. It has built-in support for various templates, assets and animations to build a compelling presentation. It also allows a fine-grained control on who you share your presentations with.

Zoho Show has a free plan with basic features, and a paid plan for increased storage and more feature access.

Honorable Mentions

It’s always hard to make a comparison with so many great platforms out there. We tried listed a few, here are few other platforms you can try out :

  • Google Slides
  • Haiku Deck
  • Slideplayer

Choosing the Right Platform

Still confused ? We get it. We’d recommend listing down your needs, and checking the following factors to take a decision :

  1. Presentation features: Whether you need a static experience like Slideshare, or you need animations and a more seamless presentation experience.
  2. Collaboration: Whether you need to work on your presentations with a team or just by yourself?
  3. Monetization: Understand whether you will be charging for access to your presentations or let it be free for everyone.
  4. Budget: Do you really want to go for a free solution or are willing to for a paid platform with more features?

We recommend getting an answer to all these questions that we just listed, and then taking a call about the platform you want to go for.